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Ki-Ki Designs has been delivering exceptionally unique products to our clients far and wide since 2015. 

We are proud to offer the highest quality products and service.

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Customer reviews

Kiki Design is one in a million. Liz and Bianca are always more than willing to assist with any idea or request from weird and wacky gifts to professional corporate gifts. No request is ever too big or too small. I would highly recommend Kiki Design, you will not be disappointed!

Elsophie Jansen

Where do I begin..... Bought a Tshit and now I feel part of the family . Lizaan and Bianca have become my extended family when it comes to gifts and ideas ..... nothing is too weird or wacky for them to design and create , BUT the care taken into the presentation is done with so much care you're too scared to open it ,then the excitement kicks in and you gotta see what's in the box ! Always blown away as they always exceeds my expectations of whats been created with love and care for their customers..... Can't go wrong with Ki-Ki Designs as your go-to ladies.... nothing is too big, small ,crazy ,weird ,PG or fun .... let's try not be serious while life is a rolercoaster ride with Ki-ki designs , You chicks rock ....... !!

Odette Salzwedel